We set our scene in New Orc City. A bustling metropolis filled with tourists and and locals alike. Our heroes begin separated, wandering the city with reckless abandon. It's early evening when Lothar, rolling the first Natural 20 of the campaign, spots a person in a black hooded robe following him. In a stroke of coincidence, Lyric notices the same figure and proceeds to mug him....I mean....grace him with an impromptu concert. Lothar extends his thanks (while inconspicuously pocketing two dropped envelopes) and they both go for a drink at the Tipsy Maiden.
Meanwhile, Crede is gathering information in the bar about a Goliath named Ulgo Tigerblood. After being directed to the Lion's Den, Crede followed for a short time by Vi. Sensing her presence, Crede took flight astounding everyone. Taking advantage of the situation, Crede performed a fun dance while Vi started busking for donations. After counting the proceeds and splitting the take (rather unevenly). Vi was convinced to help Crede on his quest to kill Ulgo.
Finally, we meet our last hero. Arriving newly in town and quite exhausted, Reilly asked a very accommodating guard about where he could find lodging. He heads to Sleep Town, a dubiously named inn that supposedly has the best beds one could ask for. After speaking with the 100% deaf owner of the establishment he paid for a short rest. Underwhelmed with the feather bed, Rielly takes a short nap and then heads back out again.
Meanwhile, Lothar and Lyric sit at the bar where they see a group of men laying a complicated game involving many customized dice. After the group refused to let them play Lyric “accidentally” set them on fire and stole some of their items. Lothar grabs a few more items from them before they get up and leave the bar trailing smoke as they went. Just then Crede and Vi enter the bar. Crede announces that he is recruiting anyone able to help him take down his quarry and offers a portion of the 5000 gold bounty. Eager to leave the bar, Lyric and Lothar agree to help just as Reilly enters the bar. Curious about this group, and needing the cash, Reilly also agrees to join the cause. And thus, our party was formed.

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