The party finds themselves in the Tipsy Maiden, the bar where they had banded together for profit and

nothing else. As they tried to make a swift exit from the establishment, Lyric (the dragonborn fighter)

was grabbed and forced to work off cost of the damage inflicted to the bar in the last episode. The rest

of the party wasn’t too concerned and decided to head to the Lion’s Den, the reported hang out of Ulgo

Tigerblood. On the way, the party was once again haphazardly followed by a figure. After catching the

suspicious Halfling and scaring him half to death, the group obtained another letter. This one addressed

to Reilly. Now having a total of three letters the party decided to open them. Inside they found identical

messages saying that they had been invited to be heroes of New Orc City for the Orctoberfest. The

deadline to become one of these heroes was quickly approaching, but the party decided to take care of

Ulgo first. The Lion’s Den was found in the outskirts of the city, a troubling, run-down area. Lothar

revealed that he had a rat familiar named Melody and using their telepathic connection he was able to

scout out the shady establishment. Crede takes a more direct approach by walking into the Lion’s Den

and bribing the blind bartender for information. After successfully tricking a blind man the party knew

what room Ulgo was staying in. Deciding on subtle tactics, Crede perfectly forged a letter to Ulgo

which would be delivered by V. Getting to the door of Ulgo’s room and side-stepping the growing pool

of blood coming from underneath it, V knocks on the door. The door opens.

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