As V was delivering the letter to Ulgo the rest of the party was setting up an ambush outside. Crede decided that he would fly above the door and drop a rock on Ulgo's head when he crossed the threshold. The party also dropped ball bearings on the ground in order to hopefully trip up the Goliath. With everyone in position, we return to V who is trying to get on Ulgo's good side. Finding that he does not in fact possess a good side, she returns to the group after the door is slammed on her. Ulgo, finding the contents of the letter inaccurate, storms downstairs right into the party's foolproof trap. He trips on the ball bearings and gets hit by the rock, taking a MASSIVE 1 point of damage. The battle was intense, with an ending that felt more like a brutal assassination than anything. Ulgo lay slain upon the ground as Lothar removed his head. Noticing the crowd that seemed to be forming around the party, Crede threw Reily the head and everyone ran for the city.

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