Last time our party was left to run from an angry mob. Pretty typical Saturday night amirite? Strangely,

the party ran into another rowdy group that was circled around an arena of sorts. A nude and bloody

Lyric appeared from the crowd amongst followed by cheers. Using his naked charisma, he insights the

crowd and the group is able to easily blend in and make their way to back to the city. Arriving at New

Orc City, Crede leads the group to the offices of the Ouroboros Compact to turn in our bounty. Next

door, at the dubiously named Sleep Town, a bloody scene had unfolded. While Lyric kicked down

doors inside the establishment, Reilly went up stairs to the room he stayed in and found a very strange

wand. After the investigation, the group checked in on The Tippsy Maiden and then decided to head to

the 3 rd Street Alery in response to the mysterious letters.

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